donderdag 23 juli 2009

Let the sun shine!

Good evening everybody :D

Today has been a busy day! This morning I worked in a bakery, which can not be underestimated was very very exhausting actually! Then afterwards, I went shopping with my best friend and we had lots of fun...Of course,it was less funny for my
bank account...(I bought green flats,a black gilet,pink nail polish and some other stuff..but I will take some pictures and show them tomorrow.)

Anyway,I wanted to show you the outfit I wore some days ago. Friends of my parents invited us for diner, and we had a great evening. But their garden was pretty amazing too!...and therefore the perfect setting for some pictures :)
My 13-year old brother was my photographer; he's not a professional, but I must admit that his pictures are kind of 'artistic'.
What concerns the clothes themselves, it's summer in Belgium but that's no guarantee for the sun. Hurray. That's why I'm wearing a long skinny jeans, although I really like short skirts. I also adore my Hiawatha-gilet,I think it gives an extra touch to the whole outfit, something Indian-Cowboy-ish =).
I know not everybody is a big fan of it,..but I am, yiehaaa!
Oeh,and those gladiator-sandals are the most comfortable shoes I ever wore. They were my moms,but she gave them to me,the sweetheart :) (One of the things I like most about my mom is that we have the same shoesize haha.)

Talk to you soon!
xXx Robin

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