woensdag 22 juli 2009

And then there was light

So...the first post on a blog is always a bit exciting, since we can only leave one first impression, can’t we? I don’t know to what kind of crazy things this blog will lead me to, and (the other way around) I have no idea what my exact plans are with the site…
I have a vision in my head of sharing my view on fashion with you guys. I want to show you beautiful 'haute couture'-pictures, ‘shopspots’ in Belgium, photos of my own style so you can take a sneak peek in my life héhé,…and all kind of other things of course. And then the most wonderful thing would be that some of you get inspired by my blog…
Too wishful thinking?...Maybe; I think I’ll just wait and see what comes =)

As you may have already noticed I’m from Belgium, so I speak Dutch. However, I have decided to use English for my blog, I guess because it’s a more universal language.
If you see any mistakes, you can let me know because my English isn’t perfect at all, sorry for that =)
Don’t hesitate to ask me about other things, I’ll answer all your questions (if they’re in English,French or Dutch haha)…

Robin xXx

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